What Happens to a Wrecked Car?

Wrecked and disposed cars have been a concern to environmentalists for decades, but recent strides by the auto industry in car recycling has lessened those worries. Reusing scrap metal and steel is an old practice, but only recently has it become an efficient enough process to be used with old vehicles. With the global movement towards more earth-friendly industrial practices, car recycling has been revolutionized with recent technological advancements.

With all of the developments and the calls to reduce greenhouse gases and pollution, it is no surprise that the car recycling business is now the sixteenth largest industry. Not only does the business benefit from the scrap metal and steel they recover, but various parts and components of the cars can occasionally be cleaned, refined, and reused. Hazardous parts and liquids can also be safely disposed and removed with their processes, benefiting the environment.

Recently though, car makers are working on advancements to streamline the process even further. Foremost is research and developments of alternatives to many of the hazardous liquids found in most cars, and minimizing the current amount that many modern cars use. Some manufacturers have even taken such steps as to create cars that are almost one hundred percent recyclable, or that run on alternative fuels, such as bio-fuels. A major American car maker, Ford, has recently begun incorporating various soy products into its cars. “Soy foam”, which is made from petroleum and soy oil, is now used in the headrests of many of their vehicles, and they are also researching other ways to make typically un-recyclable parts of their cars, biodegradable. Other manufacturers are also researching ways to reuse old blue jeans and even plastic bottles for car parts, such as carpets or seat coverings.

You can find many more interesting facts and statistics about car recycling and what happens to wrecked cars, in the infographic below.

What Happens to a Wrecked Car? L&L Automotive Explains

What Happens to a Wrecked Car? L&L Automotive Explains

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