How self driving cars will change our lives

If you asked someone ten years ago what they thought of self-driving cars, they would have deemed the idea preposterous. However, as we progress into the 21st century, the concept of the self-driving car is becoming more real by the day.

In fact, officials in Britain have announced that driverless cars will find their way onto public roadways for testing purposes as early as next year. This driverless car testing program will be conducted in 3 citites, which will be chosen through a competition. Will your city be one of the winners? Learn more about the program here.

Some of these new vehicles will be manned by a human being in case manual intervention is needed, but others will cruise the roads with no driver at all!

As what once seemed like a fantasy draws closer and closer to reality, we’re forced to step back and contemplate how self-driving cars would actually impact our lives. Will there be disadvantages to counteract the merit of self-driving cars, or will they be the best, most beneficial automotive technology to date?

Thus far, the reports are overwhelmingly positive, from reducing accidents to improving productivity.

How self driving cars will change our lives info graphic

How self driving cars will change our lives – L&L automotive explains

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